Electro-Ablation Surface Finishing
Transform your Metal Additive Manufacturing component finishing using our patented Electropolishing technology, "Electro-Ablation"
After years of research, our patented, next generation metal surface finishing is here...

Electro-Ablation Technology


What we do

We have done what the industry thought was impossible - made metal surface finishing fast, affordable and repeatable.

In this example we polished from:
10 micron to 0.5 microns in 5 minutes.

Finish 10x faster at 1/10th of the cost

It's a quantum leap above electropolishing, it's called Electro-Ablation

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Photo credit: Visit Moreton Bay


Who we are

A team of Australian engineers with decades of experience in surface finishing and manufacturing.

We've achieved an order of magnitude breakthrough in rapid, accurate surface finishing of metals and alloys.

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About Us

Innovation in 3D Printed Metal Surface Finishing

What is Metal Electro-ablation?
Sep 14, 2020

The high speed of electro-ablation allow the process to very quickly polish materials that usually require many hours of manual labour to polish with an abrasive grinder or electropolishing. For example, Chromium-Cobalt dental implants may cost $500 to print via Metal Additive Manufacturing but cost approximately $2,000 in labour hours to post-process via manual grinding. Our technology can reduce this cost from 50-90% depending on the part.

Melbourne Angels Invests in 3DM for Follow-on Round
Sep 14, 2020

We are now fully funded and ready to see our technology in use. Our second raise was oversubscribed due to the overwhelming support from our investors at Melbourne Angels.

Transform Additive Manufacturing
This incredibly disruptive technology will revolutionise the surface finishing of metals. Contact us now to become one of the leaders with this technology. Or ask yourself, can your company afford to be left behind?
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