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3D Metal Printing Post-processing Leaders

Proven & Patented

We’ve supercharged electropolishing with Electro-Ablation
– a disruptive technology that will revolutionize the post-processing of 3D Metal Printed Parts

3DM Tags Before and After


Electro-Ablation technology allows the targeting of specific elements of the metal part leaving other areas untouched.

This is particularly important in 3D metal printing where the shapes can be complex often requiring different finishes on each surface.

Material Choice

Electro-Ablation can process a wide range of Metal Parts

  • Titanium and Cobalt Chrome for medical applications
  • Inconel and Hastalloy for Space/thermal applications
  • Aluminium for high performance engine components

Plus a broad range of other materials

3DM Titanium Mount

High Speed

Electro-Ablation can process printed parts at speeds significantly higher than traditional methods.

Baseline testing has demonstrated improvements in excess of 10x the original rate.

3DM Polished Denture

Zero Contamination

For a range of certified applications it is crucial that the post-processing process introduce no foreign material to the part under test.

Electro-Ablation uses no foreign physical matter to finish the part and as such creates no part contamination.

Transform your manufacturing business.